Most mini compacts offer lightweight bodies and peppy engines. However, their three-box shapes make them seem more like aerodynamic bricks, making them less fuel efficient and thus making them less environment friendly.
Suzuki knows that the global trend towards super compact, fuel efficient and space saving cars is increasing further by the day, and offers a new solution to that growing need – the new Suzuki Celerio.
The new Suzuki Celerio totes an aerodynamic, boy-racer look that yuppies crave since it looks like it could cheat the wind. The new body shape promotes better fuel consumption because of the potential for less drag – due to a wedge-shaped profile and a steeply raked windshield - particularly at high speeds.

A boldly shaped grille creates a further impressive front fascia, and complementing the look even more are large halogen multi-reflector headlights and fog lights.
The cabin sports a classy finish, with generous use of various materials in a two-tone approach. A sporty, functional and stylish dashboard layout enables the driver to have confidence when taking on the tarmac.

The tachometer or rev counter is separately mounted on the dashboard to further add to the sporty approach of the interior.

Fabric bucket seats offer a comfortable ride, and keeps occupants firmly planted on their backsides during lateral motion.
Suzuki’s experience in making peppy but fuel parsimonious straight three engines also translates to the new Suzuki Celerio. Its naturally aspirated, newly-developed 1.0L 12-valve three cylinder gasoline scoots around town with ease.
The superior aerodynamics, newfound driving dynamism and topflight ergonomics befitting its class make the new Suzuki Celerio an environment-friendly, mighty micro machine.